CORVALLIS ARTS WALK • Thursday, March 21st, 2019

Despite the snowflakes falling in February, we’ve begun to see Spring’s inspirational growth and transformation everywhere we look. Jennifer Lommer’s transformational collection takes inspiration from the constant & changing nature of the world around us, while Sharon King’s “Fauna and Flora” showcases her own fascination and love for the animals & flowers spring brings. “The Magi” series, hosted by Bruce Conkle, gives its viewers a brief moment of simplicity in a busy world, where as Joan Truckenbrod opens the doors for guests to peer into the ephemeral and transitory realm of phenomena in nature. Join The Art Center in celebrating the growth and evolution with our own art community by awarding artists new and established for their work. Whether its physical, metaphysical, or creative growth, whatever flavor of transformation you’d like to experience, you are sure to something that suits your fancy in this eclectic mix of 17 venues!


The Arts Center • 700 SW Madison Ave • 5:30pm-8pm

PeoplesChoiceOPEN2018_Daca_Greg Bal - Hester Coucke.jpg

Reception with Announcements

TAC hosts a reception with award announcements for 3 youth categories (age groups), and 3 awards for adults (professional, non-professional and 3D), a Curators Choice for small work as well as People’s Choice. Announcements around 6 pm. Thank you Cyrano’s for supporting youth awards, and Citizens Bank for supporting the show.

Art in the Valley Gallery• 209 SW 2nd St. •  4-8pm

Jennifer_Lommers_ArtInTheValleyGallery - Jana Johnson.jpg

“Transformations” by Jennifer Lommers

“Transformations” by Jennifer Lommers: Nature has inspired me for as long as I can remember. As a child hiking the Cascade Range to my adult explorations of Oregon forests, landscapes, and beaches - my connection to nature is what I choose to express most as an artist. Using acrylics as my primary medium, I paint my conjured impressions of forests, flowers, and fauna. Influenced by fabric design and printmaking, I use layers of paint, hand carved stamps, as well as image transfers of original drawings to create organic complexities while maintaining an overall simplicity of form, hopefully sharing my passion for nature in the process. For my latest series, “Transformations”, I pushed each painting even further, dissecting and reassembling each piece as I found new ways to experience paint, process, imagery, and the ever continuous passage of time. I hope these new explorations help connect one with nature and oneself in new and interesting ways.

CAW cellular_favorite - Jennifer Moreland.jpg

sn·ɛɛzɛ: Fractal Worlds of Cheyne Willems

Cheyne Willems is a graphics production master at Element Graphics of Corvallis. He has a strong background in computers and mathematics, and enjoys digital photography, open-source programming, master recycling, and artistically interpreting the complex world of number-based imagery. His artwork focuses on kaleidoscopic digital photography and complex fractals generated, explored, and vividly captured through mathematics-based visual rendering programs in combination with professional image manipulation tools. Each completed digital image was first printed on archival vinyl by Element Graphics, then professionally applied to custom-cut mounting boards utilizing the techniques and tools he uses daily in his professional graphics production work. The title of the show pays homage to something Cheyne came up with in his youth, as he designed what would become a longstanding and frequently revamped website; sn·ɛɛzɛ viewed upside down is actually that website’s address:

CEI/Artworks Gallery • 408 SW Monroe Street • 4-8pm

Bruce Conkle CEI ArtWorks Gallery - Bruce Burris.jpg

Work by Bruce Conkle

We are simple creatures. We worry about stupid shit. We do stupid shit. We do not know why we are here. The objects in this room are reflections on how our greatest technological developments have created a multitude of existential risks, similar to how the greedy golden touch of King Midas inevitably lead to famishment. One art writer* described me as “…the proverbial stranger come to heal the village with a whacky old prospector's assortment of things, mostly of the detritus kind, and mis-wired ancient magic spells that can never in a million years actually work.” But I keep trying. *Don Carrol of Jack the Pelican

The Hold Studio • 425 SW Madison Ave, Suite E-2 • 4-8PM

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Energies of the Feminine

Powerful, nurturing, mysterious, playful, bold, flowing... feminine energies lovingly combined. Holly Campbell and Sharon Rackham King’s Acrylic, Watercolor, Pen & Ink, Sculpture.

Jeff_Hess_JeffHessStudio - Jeff Hess.jpg

Jeff Hess Studio • 460 SW Madison Ave, Sweet 16 • 5pm - 8pm

End of an Era Studio Closing

I'm moving my studio within stumble distance of the creativity medium of a good-nights-sleep (home). Come by for the send off and I-don't-want-to-move-it-prices on everything.

South Shore Train.jgp.jpg

Majestic Theatre • 115 SW 2nd Street • 4pm - 8pm

Angelyn Voss

Whether it is on a grand or modest scale, we all seek to place or replicate beauty in our  corner of the world.    ~Angelyn Christy Voss                          

Angelyn was born on the industrial southeast side of Chicago.  Her artistic inspiration comes from studying and sketching the tallest buildings, the tiniest insects, and the many colorful characters in her life.  She has completed four terms of coursework at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, as well as continuing art education at universities and workshops in the west and abroad.  She is an active member of The Watercolor Society of Oregon, The Corvallis Art Guild, and Vistas and Vineyards.  She has taught English Language Learners, Reading and Kindergarten.  Angelyn lives with her family in Corvallis, Oregon.  She knows the joy of any artistic pursuit is the realization that the adventures and learning never cease.

OSU Fairbanks Gallery of Art • 220 SW 26th Street • 4pm - 8pm

Veer: 2019 Plinkiewisch Scholarship Show

The Plinkiewisch scholarship was established in 1995 through the estate of Ms. Plinkiewisch in memory of her mother, Amy Rosina Hansen. The award is granted for one-year, and continues with a quarterly review. Eight students will be participating in this year's exhibition: Alia Campbell, Zoe Clegg, Amy Gibson, Poiema Lee, Paris Myers, Jennifer McCloskey, Kate Quamma, and Suehade Soto.

OSU Woodshop Projects • 220 SW 26th Street, Fairbanks Hall Basement • 4pm - 8pm

Things That Only Recently Existed

An exhibition of works made at OSU within four months.

Pegasus Gallery • 341 SW 2nd Street • 4pm - 8pm

ben_mcreynolds_pegasus - Paige Shumway.jpg

Swapping Hibernation Stories

Like the nature of the flora and fauna around us, artists go through a very natural hibernation period of their own; powering down into some cool stages of gestation necessary for their own survival and evolution. March's exhibit will share a few vignettes from local artists as they share with us a tidbit of what may have come from this very important and mostly invisible stage of physics and sometimes metaphysics.

Plant Posse // Brittney West Studio • 340 SW 2nd Street, Ste #3 • 4pm - 8pm

PlantPosse_KingBoletteNeedlepoint_Plantposse 2.jpg

Plant Posse CSA Pickup

Come view CSA (Community Supported Art) surprise subscription art/jewelry box samples at the 1st quarter pickup for patrons. Registration open! These CSA’s consists of art and/or jewelry featuring mostly local, seasonal fruit, vegetables & fungi as well as other plants. CSA's can include handmade jewelry (think turnips, beets, cherry earrings or necklaces), Eco-prints (printed locally on 100% recycled paper) featuring produce and puns, original paintings, needlepoint, stickers and more!

PopsArtStudio • 425 SW Madison Ave, Suite H-1 • 4pm - 8pm

venus - Matthew Nelson.jpg

Pop Art as Protest

A much requested showing of Pop Art at PopsArtStudio that is an act of protest against the times. A show to trouble the people, stir up the parts, stand against oppression and turn over carts.

Rhizosphere Studios • 230 SW 3rd Street, Suite 201 • 4pm - 8pm

Madison_Shirley_Caleb_Blatz_Azita_Roshani_Rhisosphere - Madison Shirley.jpg

Copper, Paint & Pixels

Join us for a show by the resident artists of Rhizosphere, including wildlife illustrations, graphic design, scratch board prints, & metal work.

Studio Beatrice • 230 NW 6th Street, Suite 204 • 4pm - 7pm

Artist: Mike Bergen

Artist: Mike Bergen

Virtual Plein Air

Since 2009, a website has allowed artists around the world to paint or draw from views found through Google Street View as the reference.  Every month a new site is selected and members allowed to post their work on the site. I have participated for a number of years and this show includes some of my works. Music and refreshments.

Truckenbrod Gallery • 517 SW 2nd Street • 4pm - 8pm


Joan Truckenbrod: The Flow of Woven Light

Peering into an ephemeral and transitory realm of phenomena in nature that are invisible yet physically palpable sensations precipitated abstracted coded algorithmic drawings in 1975, and hand-woven tapestries using a digital thread controller in the present.  Light waves reflect through ripples of water, while particles of light propel off of the surface of ocean waves.  Wind currents press against the body or inject a choreography into leaves.  This exhibition creates a dialogue between my early and current artwork. The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York recently acquired a series of these coded algorithmic drawings from 1975 for their Digital Art Collection.  There, they are currently featured in an exhibition titled “Programmed: Rules, Codes and Choreography in Art from 1965 to 2018”, on exhibit until April 14, 2019. A special event at Truckenbrod Gallery this February 15th is "Re: Soundings", Catherine Lee, Oboe, John Savage, Flute, and Dana Reason, Keyboard.

Voices Gallery *Under the Eagle Mural* • 301 SW 4th Street, Suite 160 • 4pm - 8pm

Sharon Rackham King: Fauna and Flora

Sharon’s life-long love of animals and fascination with flowers are on display in “Fauna and Flora”, her feature show at Voices in the Main Gallery. The Front Gallery shows work from Voices' additional 9 artists.